Travel Capsule Packing – Scotland & Ireland Solo Road Trip

Nov 7, 2022

Travel capsule packing for a longer trip in variable climates may seem like an impossible task, however, all you need are a few classic pieces to mix, match and layer, along with some accesories and you’ll be set!

I packed for a 3 week trip with a carry on roller and messenger bag and had everything I needed for this solo road trip through Scotland and Ireland!

Below you’ll find everything I packed, along with links to help inspire and guide you as you prepare for your trip.

As you start to capsule pack for your trip, It’s helpful to remember that a few key pieces are all you need, simply change the look by layering, adding an accessory or a bright eye or lip. A comfortable, stylish sweater that can be worn for casual nights out or dressed up:

What I packed, with some favorite items linked for convenience:

1 Sweater dress and pair of tights (which can be layered underneath pants if needed for warmth)

1 Sweater

1 Pair of black jeans

1 Pair of wide leg blue jeans

3 Pairs of black pants, in varying styles. I’ve linked my favorite Athleta pairs here. I love them because of they are versatile, wrinkle free and lightweight (Cosmic Pant , Cosmic Kick Flare , Venice Flare Pant)

2 Short sleeve shirts

2 Long sleeve shirts

1 Long white collar blouse

2 Sleeveless tops for layering (I love these Athleta ribbed tanks)

2 Pairs of leggings

1 Sweatshirt

Now on to the basics:

1 Bra (pack neutral color so it goes well with everything), 1 Sports bra, 1 Sports top

1 Pair of tennis shoes (broken in), 1-pair of casual shoes (Rothy’s for travel are great), 1 pair all weather boots, and I cannot express how much I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this pair of boots

1 pair of wool socks, 3 pairs of socks, 6-8 pairs of panties and 1 set of PJ’s

1 Scarf (something that can be washed and dried is helpful)

1 Jacket for layering, 1 All weather jacket

1 Hat 1 Travel umbrella

1 Carry on suitcase, 1 Backpack/Messenger Bag (I liked this messenger bag b/c it was water resistant)

Accesories: keep it simple-grab a hair scrunchie that can be dressed up (like this one from target), maybe 1 necklace to dress up any outfit (or opt for a bold lip and eyeliner, if thats more your jam)

Typically, I wear a legging or black pant, sports top and sweatshirt for my travel days which provides space in my suitcase.

You can absolutely trim this list of items down as well, if needed. Some suggestions include only packing one pair of jeans, leggings, pants and one long sleeve and short sleeve shirt.

Additionally, I believe it’s helpful to share I did many different things during my road trip, hiking, visiting museums, castles, National Parks, took archery & skeet shooting lessons and even experienced an amazing 3 AA Rosette award-winning dining experience in a 5-star resort and had everything I needed!

All you need is a plan, some classic pieces and confidence!

As everyones trip length, agenda, interests and styles differ, I really hope that my list and links of my favorite products help inspire you and simplify your planning, packing process!

Bon voyage!

be kind and continue to spread smiles,


ps- want to see all my favorite photos from Scotland & Ireland? Find me on IG!



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