A Few of my Favorite Things

Dec 2, 2022

Favorite Brands


The Holistic Science Co. is one of my most favorite brands, so many amazing products and I secretly (a secret no longer) love that they are not on social media. Some of my go-to’s…vanilla moisture stick, mouthwash, mint+lavender mineral paste and sugar scrubs.


Best candles and the sweetest people behind the brand! There holiday scents are wonderful and for summer I use the sun tan oil sea salt coconut and the Desert Sunset is a great year round scent.

I’m a new user of Hugger Mugger products and really love their meditation cushions. The zafu meditation cushion is the one I use and choose because it’s filled with buckwheat hulls which can be removed to support what you need for both comfort and height of the cushion.

Health & Beauty

My go-to for travel and change of seasons to support my immunity.

I used to use a natural product that cost 3x this and this works sooo much better. This E.L.F is a must try with amazing price point! I’ve also been using the 16hr Camo Concealer, matte finish.

These are a new find of mine and the lemongrass is my fave!

I use this sunscreen for my face and neck and it’s amazing for my sensitive skin, worth the investment!

Love this product, need I say more?

Best bath soak, in my opinion.

If you are a DIY’er for your eyebrows, these work great!

Kitchen & Pantry

I adore this turmeric chai tea, and it’s caffeine free.

This Fellow kettle is where its at!

I put a scoop of this master blend with my coffee every morning.

My favorite protein powder, gluten free and dairy free!

Delicious grain free pretzels and the peanut butter ones are addicting!

Dog Babies

Stinky free walks from a B Corp with a purpose!

My furry son loved these biscuits!


Really like how sleek and adjustable this laptop stand is, I have in the rose gold.


One of the best jackets for travel! I took this with me to Scotland and Ireland and its windproof, waterproof and packs down to take up very little space in your bag or purse. Highly recommend!

I carried this bag with me through wind, rain and more rain on my recent UK trip and it was a dream!


The most durable, comfortable, waterproof boots ever are my Danskin boots!


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